Mounting The Fish Hawk X4 and X4D Transducer

Posted by Chris Larsen on 22nd May 2023

Mounting The Fish Hawk X4 and X4D Transducer

Proper Transducer Location

Before starting the installation, reference the diagram that you can find in your Fish Hawk manual. You can also find it online here. In the diagram, we've outlined all of the popular boat and motor combinations that are going to give you the best location for each of those combinations.

In the pictured eighteen-foot aluminum boat example, we're trolling off the main outboard, and over on the starboard side, I've got a swim ladder and a multi-frequency sonar transducer. So in that scenario, we're gonna put the Fish Hawk on the port side. You can see in the photo, we’re using a transducer board to make adjustments simple.

When installing the transducer to the board there are a few factors to consider. One thing to remember when you place your transducer is you want to maintain a clear line of sight between the Fish Hawk probe and the transducer. You don't want any prop wash or lower units getting in a way where it's gonna block the signal from the probe.

Once the transducer is secured to the boat, we want it to be basically flush with the bottom of the hull and parallel to the surface of the water. That's all there is to it. Mounting the transducer is simple but be sure to reference the manual to be sure you’re putting it the transducer in the proper location. For more instructions or troubleshooting information, visit

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