Where can I purchase Fish Hawk Products?

Please see our Dealer Locator. You can also purchase directly from us on this website.

How long does shipping take?

Orders placed before 2:00 PM CST are shipped the same business day. Transit times vary by location. 

Will the Fish Hawk interfere with my fish finder?

No. The Fish Hawk operates at unique frequency of 70 kHz. Most depth finders run at 200 kHz with options for use at 50 kHz, 83 kHz or CHIRP settings. The Fish Hawk will not interfere with any 200 kHz, CHIRP, or side-imaging transducer, even if the transducers are mounted side by side. If you want to run your fish finder at 83 kHz, mount the Fish Hawk transducer as far from the 83 kHz transducer as is practical. 

Do I need coated downrigger cable with the Fish Hawk?

No, the Fish Hawk Probe sends data via a sonar signal. The type of downrigger line you use doesn't matter.

Do I need to install the Fish Hawk X4D display and transducer for use with the Cannon Optimum downrigger?

Yes, the Fish Hawk display communicates with the Optimum via Bluetooth.

Where should I mount the Fish Hawk transducer on my boat?

This diagram shows recommended locations, or watch this video.

How long is the Fish Hawk transducer cable?

30-feet. Extensions cables are available. 

How long do batteries last in the Fish Hawk probe?

The Fish Hawk probe runs for at least 100-hours continuous on four AA batteries.

Is it OK to use lithium batteries in my Fish Hawk probe?

Yes, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries provide very good performance.

Is the Fish Hawk TD battery replaceable?

No. The internal lithium battery has a 20-year shelf life and will provide seven to ten years of daily use.

Will the X4 Probe work with the X4D Display?

Yes (and vice versa.) 

Will the Fish Hawk X4 probe work with the Model 840 display?

Yes, the probe, display and transducer for the X4 are interchangeable with the legacy Model 840.

How deep can I fish the Fish Hawk probe?

We guarantee transmission from 200-feet, but readings past 400-feet are possible with proper installation.

Can I calibrate my Fish Hawk readings to match my other electronics?

Yes, BUT we recommend using it at factory default settings. The Fish Hawk provides mechanical speed which is 100% repeatable. Repeating the number that is producing bites is far more important than the actual value.