These are the most common questions we receive about our company and products. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Fish Hawk Electronics?

Used with downriggers for trolling, Fish Hawk Electronics systems display water temperature and speed found at the depth of the downrigger weight. Knowing where the water temperature is favorable to your target species allows you to eliminate nonproductive water and put your lures at the perfect depth to catch more fish. Underwater currents affect lure action. Fish Hawk measures the speed at depth and lets you troll at consistent down speeds to trigger fish strikes.

How do Fish Hawk Electronics systems work?

The Fish Hawk probe attaches to the downrigger cable above the weight and sends a sonar signal with water temperature and speed information to the receiving transducer and display mounted on the boat. 

What does the model Fish Hawk TD do?

Lowered through the water on a fishing line, the Fish Hawk TD records the water temperature every 5-feet to provide a temperature profile of the entire water column.

Is the new Lithium Series compatible with the X4?

Yes, the probe and display are both backwards compatible, meaning they work with the previous X4, X4D and X2 models.

Where should I mount the Fish Hawk transducer? 

Follow this link to an illustration that shows recommended mounting locations specific to boat/motor style, or check out this blog post.

How long does the Lithium Probe run on a charge?

The Lithium Probe operates for more than 50-hours of fishing time on a single charge. 

What batteries are recommended for the Fish Hawk X4 Probe?

High-quality, disposable AA batteries like Duracell or Energizer Ultimate Lithium 

Where can I purchase Fish Hawk Products?

Purchase directly from us on this site, or find a retailer using our Dealer Locator

Do you have to calibrate a Fish Hawk?

No. Adjustments are possible, but we recommend factory default settings. Fish Hawk provides 100% repeatable mechanical speed. Repeating the speed number that is producing fish strikes is much more important than the actual value. 

How long does the Fish Hawk TD battery last?

Used daily, it would provide seven years of use, and has a 20-year shelf life. The battery is not replaceable.

Will Fish Hawk interfere with my fish finder?

No. Fish Hawk will not interfere with 200 kHz, CHIRP, or side imaging transducers mounted next to each other. Interference is possible at 83 kHz and 50 kHz, so simply operate the fish finder at a higher frequency.

What is Fish Hawk Electronic's warranty?

Fish Hawk Electronics are fully guaranteed against any defect in parts or workmanship for 2-years from the date of purchase for the original owner. Please maintain proof of purchase. Customers are responsible for shipping products back for warranty service. This warranty does not cover improper use, failure to maintain, accidents, or loss.

Where are Fish Hawk Electronics made?

Fish Hawk Electronics products are made in the United States. 




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