Fish Hawk probe temperature 3.8 

CAUSE: Probe's temperature sensor is damaged or malfunctioning. The sensor is not repairable and the probe must be replaced.

No readings from the Fish Hawk probe

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Inspect AA batteries and battery pack. Display GAIN set too low, default is 15. Probe is not sending a signal. Transducer is in the wrong location or has changed position. Probe is upside down. Excessive cable blowback.

Intermittent or erratic Fish Hawk probe readings

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Sonar interference, turn fish finder off to verify, set to 200 kHz. Probe opposite transducer, run on same side. Display GAIN set too low, default is 15. Rough or deep water. Excessive cable blowback. Probe signal interrupted temporarily.

Cracked Fish Hawk probe housing

CAUSE: Excessive pressure buildup from not loosening the cap regularly, not repairable or covered by warranty.

Water in Fish Hawk probe battery compartment

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Leaking cap. Missing or overtightened O-rings. Cracked probe housing. Light condensation is normal and should be dried out daily.

Fish Hawk display not functioning normally

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Blown fuse. No button response, flashing backlight, or scrolling GAIN setting indicate failed membrane switch.

Corroded Fish Hawk probe battery pack

CAUSE: Moisture inside compartment, dry daily. Low quality batteries. Replacement battery packs can be purchased.

Fish Hawk probe speed not close to GPS SOG

CAUSE: Factory values have been changed, reset to factory default. Small variation is normal. Probe does not require calibration.

Fish Hawk surface speed does not match GPS SOG

CAUSE: Transducer location, Fish Hawk usually shows faster than SOG when trolling. Fish Hawk maximum surface speed readout is 10 MPH.

Fish Hawk TD shows one depth instead of every 5-feet

CAUSE: Operating in the BY DEPTH mode, change to BY TEMP mode to see 5-foot temperature intervals 

Fish Hawk display powers off when trolling

CAUSE: Electrical interference from Mercury outboard motor 1990 - 2002, 75-135 HP. Turn motor off to verify. Replace spark plugs with suppressor spark plugs. 






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