Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to use a coated downrigger cable with the Fish Hawk X4 Probe?
A: No, the Fish Hawk X4 Probe sends data via a sonar signal. The X4 is the only wireless system on the market, and the type of cable you use doesn't matter. Some anglers have even switched over to using Spectra superlines for downrigger cable, which works just fine with the Fish Hawk X4.

Q: Do I need to install another transducer on my boat?
A: Yes, think of the transducer as the "ears" of the X4 System. The transducer receives the signal sent by the probe.

Q: How long do the batteries last in the Fish Hawk X4 Probe?
A: The X4 Probe runs for at least 100-hours continuous on four AA batteries. Charter Captains fishing every day report going through one set of batteries mid-season, which means most of us will fish all year on one set of batteries.

Q: How do I replace the battery in the Fish Hawk TD?
A: You don't, the internal lithium battery has a 20-year shelf life and will provide seven to ten years of use in normal conditions. We built the TD with a non-replaceable battery because it greatly increases the durability of the probe under water pressures of up to 130psi

Q: Does the Fish Hawk TD send a signal back to the boat?
A: No, the TD stores temperature and depth data in its on-board memory and you view the data on the built-in LCD after you retrieve it.

Q: How do you attach the Fish Hawk TD to a line or downrigger cable?
A: The TD is packaged with a Duo-Lock snap that can be clipped on lines easily.

Q: How fast can I drop the TD through the water and still get good readings?
A: Very fast, the TD takes readings at a rate of 20 times per second. To get fast temperature readings we hook the TD up to a rod with a
12-ounce weight and free-spool it to the bottom.

Q: How does the TD read depth?
A: The TD has a highly accurate water pressure sensor on-board to take depth readings.

Q: Where should I mount the X4 transducer on my boat?
A: As a general rule its best to mount the Fish Hawk transducer separate from other transducers on your transom. If you have a kicker motor, don't locate the transducer right next to it. See the owner's manual for more detailed information.

Q: Will my depth finder(s) interfere with the Fish Hawk X4?
A: No, The Fish Hawk X4 operates at unique frequency of 70 kHz. Most depth finders run at 200 kHz or a combination of 200 kHz/50KHz or 200 kHz/83KHz. The X4 will not get interference from any 200 kHz transducer, even if the transducers are mounted side by side. If you have a dual beam transducer, mount the X4 transducer as far from the dual-beam transducer as is practical. We've never found a boat that the X4 would not work on.

Q: Can I leave the X4 Probe attached to my downrigger cable when the cannonball is up and I'm running the boat on plane?
A: We don't recommend it. Eventually you will ruin the probe. The X4 Probe is very durable, but denting the temperature sensor tubes will cause your probe to read temperatures incorrectly, and is not covered under warranty. Remove the probe from the cable when you are running and the probe will last a long, long time.

Q: Can I calibrate the values displayed on my Fish Hawk X4?
A: Yes, you can calibrate all speed and temp values if you wish using the menu settings on the display. Remember that the X4 measures mechanical speed, which will be slightly different than GPS Speed Over Ground in most cases.

Q: Does the Fish Hawk X4 Probe work with the Fish Hawk 840 display?
A: Yes, the probe, display, and transducers on the X4 are interchangeable with the older model 840. The X4 probe will also work with the models 800 and Big Jon 900 models, but the X4 Display will not work with an 800 or 900.

Q: How long is the transducer cable included with the X4?
A: 30-feet, 15-foot extensions can be purchased if needed. Do not cut your transducer cable to attempt to splice or shorten it.

Q: How long is the power cord included with the X4?
A: It is 20-feet long. You can shorten the power cable if you wish, but we recommend replacing the in-line fuse holder if you cut it shorter.

Q: How can the Fish Hawk TD be used to measure the depth of Dipsey Divers, copper, or lead core?
A: Set the line first as you normally would, then snap the TD over the line, turn the TD on, and wait a few seconds for the word READY to flash on the screen. Allow the TD to slide down to the diver or lure, and then retrieve the TD. After reeling the TD in, hold the VIEW button down. When you see the word MAX behind the depth number, that will be the running depth of your diver, copper, or lead core line

Q: Where can I purchase Fish Hawk Products?
A: Several dealers that specialize in Great Lakes trolling tackle stock Fish Hawk Products see our Dealer Locator. You can also purchase directly from us on this website.

Q: Where is Fish Hawk made?
A: Our products are designed and built in the USA. We do import some components for assembly here.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: We typically ship orders placed before 2:00pm CST the same day they are placed. Transit times are 1-2 business days to MN, WI, IL, MI, OH, PA, 2-3 days for NY, and 3-4 days for NH, VT, ME.

Q: Can you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we ship to Canada all the time, and frequently to Europe as well. International orders can be placed on-line or contact us. Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees.

Q: How deep of water can the X4 probe be used in?
A: We guarantee transmission down to 300-feet. For use over 200-feet you may need to increase the gain setting on the display until you get a solid reading. We've talked to customers who have reported solid readings past 400-feet!

Q: How deep can the TD go?
A: The TD can be used as deep as 300-feet. Permanent damage to the pressure sensor can occur if dropped deeper than 320-feet.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: All Fish Hawk Electronics products have a one-year warranty.