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As the Great Lakes Salmon fishery developed in the 1970s, anglers figured out that these exciting new fish were very sensitive to water temperature, and could be found in the vast "inland ocean" by locating the fish's preferred water temperature. Fishermen also learned that underwater currents affected the action of their lures and made a big difference in their catch.

Using sonar expertise from the defense industry, Fish Hawk's engineers developed a wireless system that told anglers the water temperature and speed at the depth of the downrigger ball. The first Fish Hawk systems were seen as space age technology, and as the salmon fishery boomed in the 1980s, thousands of anglers put Fish Hawks on their boats. 

Redesigned for a new generation of anglers, and thanks to fantastic customers and staff, the last decade has been the best in Fish Hawk Electronics long history. A lot has changed in forty-plus years of fishing, but the importance of speed and water temperature has not! 

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