Cannon Optimum

Cannon Optimum Downrigger Integrates Fish Hawk Electronics Technology


Fish Hawk Electronics and Cannon Downriggers are partnering on a new downrigger that revolutionizes trolling. The Cannon Optimum fully integrates with Hummingbird Electronics, Fish Hawk Electronics, and other Cannon Optimum downriggers on the boat using Bluetooth technology and the One-Boat Network™. Anglers can raise, lower, and set trolling depths using an easy to use on-screen menu. Utilizing the Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth, the Optimum allows you to see surface temperature, as well as depth, temperature, and speed at the Fish Hawk probe.  

All data can be viewed from any connected Hummingbird unit in the boat, at the downrigger via an onboard LCD screen, a Fish Hawk LCD screen, and on a mobile device through the Cannon app. The Optimum allows you to connect up to four Optimum Downriggers wirelessly. This simplifies the installation process and helps you catch fish faster without hassle. Complicated wiring is a thing of the past! 


The Optimum’s 250 feet-per-minute retrieval time is the industry’s fastest. There are five adjustable retrieve and deploy speeds so finding the speed that’s perfect for you is easy. The Optimum also has an auto-up feature. This allows you to raise all connected downriggers at once with a push of a button. Bottom tracking keeps your baits a precise distance from the bottom. Simply put, the Cannon Optimum paired with a Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth will help you find, stay on, and land more fish than ever before. It is the ultimate downrigger.

The Optimum comes in two different models, the Optimum and the Optimum Tournament Series. The Optimum has all the features mentioned above, two rod holders, and includes 400 feet of 150-pound test stainless steel cable on a composite spool. The Optimum Tournament Series has one rod holder and includes 400 feet of 150-pound test stainless steel cable on a stainless steel spool. 

If you currently own a Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth, it will work seamlessly with the Optimum. To learn more, visit and check out the video below.

FAQ: Do I need the entire Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth System or just the Fish Hawk Probe for the Optimum? You need the entire system, which includes the transom mount transducer and Fish Hawk Display.