Fish Hawk TD Featured On Deadliest Catch TV Show

Posted by Will Allen on 12th Jun 2024

Fish Hawk TD Featured On Deadliest Catch TV Show

Deadliest Catch, the Discovery Channel show beginning it’s 20th season, chronicles the lives of a handful of crab fishing boat captains and their crews as they fish what many people believe are the most dangerous fishing grounds in the world, the Bering Sea. The show was a big hit from the beginning and continues to attract a loyal and passionate audience.

As a fishing company, many of us at Fish Hawk Electronics are fans of the show. We were very excited to see one of our products featured in Episode 1 of Season 20. Captain Keith Colburn called the Fish Hawk TD his “secret weapon”. As trout and salmon fishermen, we know how important temperature at depth can be to fishing efficiently. We’ve never seen our products being used in a crab fishing situation, but in the first episode of the season, the crew from Colburn’s Wizard seems to be on a hot streak.  While they never call the Fish Hawk out by name in the episode and in a few of the scenes they actually blocked out the branding on the product, it's clearly a Fish Hawk TD and in a few scenes you can see the logo on the probe.  

The first time we see the Fish Hawk TD appear in the episode is at the docks as the crew from the Wizard is loading crab pots for the season. This occurs about 26 minutes into the episode.

Captain Keith Colburn - “Everyone is going to do the old school thing. Prospect and look for crab. I’m trying to take luck out of the equation. This is my secret weapon.(shows the Fish Hawk TD) I’ve got bottom temperature gauges now.”

Mike Rowe(narrator) - “But with no fishing data on their location from the last three years…

Captain Keith - “Good job guys, lets get to the water and get me that sensor as quick as you can.”

Mike Rowe - “Captain Keith Colburn arms himself with new pressure resistant sensors that record, not just commonly known surface temperatures, but bottom temperatures, allowing him to track the school.”

Captain Keith - “Let’s see here. Surface is 49. Ten feet is 47.1. 45.5 at the bottom. It looks like it’s working. When I find that temperature that they love, I will have a huge advantage on this fleet.”

Approximately 55 minutes into the episode, Captain Keith and his crew set crab pots.

Captain Keith - “Red king is the ultimate crab treasure hunt. Right now, we need to find the crab first.”

Wizard Crew Member while setting pots - “Make sure we get that temperature gauge on this.”

Captain Keith - “I’d like to think I’ve got an advantage. Because we have science and not just luck.”

Fish Hawk TD

As Captain Keith and the crew get set to pick up the first pot set on their crabbing grounds, they eagerly anticipate the data from the TD. “Alright guys, this one has the sensor on it so have someone get that up to me right away.” The crab pot comes up loaded with crab and the Fish Hawk TD. “46.2 - I didn’t think it would be that warm.” The crab fishing continued to be strong for the Wizard.

As pots loaded with crab hit the deck, the crew reads the data from the next Fish Hawk TD pulled from the depths. “46.2 degrees,” said the deckhand over the intercom. Captain Keith plotted a course from there. “46.2, that’s where those crab should be. I think it’s going to be really similar along these contour lines.”

The Wizard then drops a pot with the Fish Hawk TD and brings it right back up to get temperature data that can confirm his theory. The deckhands love it. “We’re getting dialed!” The TD comes back with a temperature of 46.1 degrees. Captain Keith decides to move more of his gear over to the area with water temperatures hovering around 46 degrees. “Let’s see if we can hit the motherlode here.”

It looks like all is good in the Wizard’s world but they don’t call the show Deadliest Catch for nothing. A fire in the bow of the boat slows momentum and one crew member is pulled out from below deck before the ship’s CO2 system chokes the fire out.

After the crew member is attended to and the commotion from the fire is suppressed, Captain Keith shifts his focus back to fishing. “We’re testing these bottom sensors to see if we can find a pattern in the temperature they like down there. If my theory is right, we should go right through here east to west.” The crew sets down a 50-pot string along the area Captain Keith believes will have the correct water temperature. “Knowing the bottom temperature is going to make this a faster fishery for us. That’s what we’re after. Get in. Get out, and get our crab caught. Hopefully, these sensors are going to be the advantage we need.”

As the two-plus hour episode begins to close, the Wizard crew starts pulling the pots dropped on the area with 46.2-degree bottom temperature. Captain Keith wonders if his theory is correct. “I think I’m starting to see a pattern. We shall see.” The crew brings up a pot and it is loaded with red king crab. “That looks good. That sensor is registering bottom temperatures. It’s the Wizard’s secret weapon and I'm going to stay on the crab.”

The episode wraps up shortly after those pots come up. The crew here at Fish Hawk is excited to see the TD showcased in front of a national TV audience. We’re looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes for the Wizard and the other boats featured on the Deadliest Catch. Hopefully, the Wizard keeps it’s hot streak going! If you would like to harness the power of the Fish Hawk TD for yourself, check out the product page here

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