About Us

Founded over 40-years ago, Fish Hawk Electronics was one of the first companies to make sonar depth finders for fishermen.

About that time, Pacific salmon were being stocked and taking hold in nearby Lake Michigan. Anglers quickly figured out that these exciting new fish were very sensitive to water temperature. Find their preferred water temperature and you'd find the fish. Fish Hawk introduced a hand held spool model that had an analog readout and a temperature probe attached to the end of a 200-foot cable. The spool had a mechanical line counter so you could see the water temperature at the depth of the probe. 

As the Great Lakes Salmon fishery developed, downriggers became popular. Fishermen learned that underwater currents affected the action of their lures and made a big difference in their catch. Using sonar, the engineers at Fish Hawk developed a probe that attached to the end of the downrigger cable and told anglers the water temperature and speed at the depth of the downrigger ball. The first Fish Hawk Thermo-Troll Systems were seen as space age technology! As the salmon fishery boomed, thousands of anglers put Fish Hawk Systems on their boats. 

Fish Hawk's latest chapter started in 2009 when our company was formed to modernize Fish Hawk's design. Our family business has grown a lot in the last ten years thanks to our customers and a small but mighty staff.  Fish Hawk Electronics are still proudly designed and Made in America.    

A lot has changed in forty-plus years of fishing but the importance of speed and water temperature has not!