Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead


Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead The breakaway lead is designed to go between your cannon ball and your Fish Hawk Probe. Most rigger cables are 150lb, this lead pulls apart approximately 70lb – meaning that if you snag on the bottom (oops!) the lead...

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Breakaway Double Snap Swivel - 2 per pack


Used to connect the downrigger weight to the Fish Hawk Probe. These two heavy-duty snap swivels are connected by a Mighty-Mini™ split ring that will pull apart with approximately 80lbs. of pressure in the event you snag your downrigger weight on...

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Downrigger Weight Snubber


Connect the downrigger weight to the Fish Hawk Probe with this snubber to add shock absorption. This helps protect the downrigger cable from the stress of sudden stops and starts. We recommend using the snubber with high-speed downriggers and weights...

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